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How to Build Messenger Chat Bots

Messenger Chatbots
April 19, 2016 - During the F8 Developer's Conference, there was a session that described the basics on how to build chat bots for Messenger. The video of this session is In summary, the video introduces 3 speakers: Seth Rosenberg, Mikhail Larionov, and Willy Blandin.

Seth Rosenberg, Product Manager for Messenger, gave an introduction to the Messenger Platform and the purposes for it. He gave a good examples how businesses prior have used Messenger to promote their business which gave inspiration to opening the platform up for developers.

Mikhail Larionov, Lead Software Engineer, gave a live demo on how easy it is to create a bot within a few minutes. He demo-ed the following:

  1. Create a Facebook App and Page associated to the bot
  2. Setup the Webhook to communicate between Messenger server and the developer's server
  3. Get the Page Access Authentication Token
  4. Subscribe the Bot to the Page for communication with the Page Access Token
  5. Test to send and receive message
Here is a more detail quick start:

Willy Blandin, Software Engineer for Bot Engine, gave a live demo on how to use the Bot Engine to create a natural language bot with the toolset provided for developers.

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