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1-800-Flowers Chat Bot Walkthrough Review Chat Bot Image Picture
May 2, 2016 - 1-800-Flowers Messenger Chat Bot ( is the first few commerce chat bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform at launch. With the combine efforts of the 1-800-Flowers internal development team and partnership with the chatbot maker Assist, now we can browse and order flowers through Facebook Messenger.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Main Menu Messenger Chat Bot Main Menu Image Picture
When we typed "Hi", we were prompted with the main menu which is also the general help menu. The have the following options: 1) "Start over", 2) "Keep going", and 3) "Talk to support". "Start over" will start the process of any order to the beginning. "Keep going" will continue with the order process. "Talk to support" will get a live chat with a representative.

Step 2: Enter the Delivery Address Messenger Chat Bot Enter Delivery Address Image Picture
Entering the delivery address is the first step of any order process in this chat bot. When we entered in the address (by the way, that's a fictional address so don't spend us flowers), it prompted us for "Did you mean?" options. Once we found the proper matching address from the addresses listed, we tapped "Use this address". We were prompted if there are any apartment number, suite, or box number. If so, enter them or type N for no.

Step 3: Select the Category Messenger Chat Bot Select Category Image Picture
The second step of the order process was to select the category. We were presented with a Call to Action (CTA) scrollable list to select from. We chose "Roses" by tapping the "View Arrangements" button.

Step 4: Select the Bouquet Messenger Chat Bot Select Bouquet Image Picture
The next step is to select the bouquet from that selected category. Again, we are presented with a CTA scrollable list. If we find something we liked, we only need to tap the "Select this" option. A very convenient actionable is to move back to the previous step in the order process by tapping the "Back to Categories" button. Note: we can start over by typing in Help at any point to get the main menu options.

Step 5: Enter the Delivery Date Messenger Chat Bot Enter Delivery Date Image Picture
The next step is to enter the delivery date. They provided a pre-selected list of dates or we can enter in a particular date by tapping "Select date" which we have to enter in the format (MM/DD/YYYY).

Step 6: Enter the Recipient's Information Messenger Chat Bot Enter Recipient's Information Image Picture
The next step is to enter the recipient's Information. We had to enter the following: 1) recipient's first and last name, 2) recipient's phone number, and 3) any special note to be included in with the flower arrangements.

Step 7: Enter Billing Information Messenger Chat Bot Enter Billing Information Image Picture
The final step is to enter the billing information. We had to enter our 1) our email, 2) our phone number, and 3) our address. We were given an option to save this information so it's quicker to order next time. We liked this option purely from a convenience perspective. We were presented with the order total and if we wanted to complete the order, we tapped the "Add credit card" which redirect us to their website to enter the credit card information.

Step 8: Talk To Support Messenger Chat Bot Talk To Support Image Picture
If we need to chat with a representative, from the main menu, we had to "Talk To support". We were connected to a representative to ask our questions. To end the live chat, we only need to enter the text "Talk Stop".

Conclusion Messenger Chatbot Logo Icon Image Picture
In conclusion, 1-800-Flowers Chat Bot is really well designed with the partnership with "Assist" chatbot maker. The design of the simple access to the main menu to move from different point in the ordering process were well thought out. The pulling of the imagery from the main website to the chat bot is really polish and the organization of the categories and bouquets is easy to navigate through. We would maybe like a curated / recommended section or a special deal section since we love deals. Other than that, 1-800-Flowers did a great job overall.

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