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Assist Chat Bot Walkthrough Review

Assist Chat Bot Image Picture
April 23, 2016 - Assist Chat Bot ( is the first few personal concierge chat bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform at launch. Assist aggregates APIs to let you text to interact with GrubHub, Uber, OpenTable, FourSquare, etc.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greetings from Assist
Assist Chat Bot Welcome Greeting Image Picture
After typing "hi", we are greeted by Assist. Assist is a new way to discover and use services right inside messaging.

Step 2: Main Menu Options
Assist Chat Bot Main Menu Selection Image Picture
We are presented with the main menu options. To get assisted, we simply type in the corresponding number to the service to use.

Step 3: Food Delivery Service
Assist Chat Bot Food Delivery Grubhub Image Picture
We decided to type "2" for "Food delivery". We are prompted to enter in our zip code, neighborhood, city, or state. We choosed to enter the zip code "85296". Then we are prompted again to enter the specific food or cuisine, so we enter in "Chinese". We were answered with 2 Chinese restaurants that will delivery near us. When tapping on the URL, it took us to Grubhub to proceed with the order. This feature was pretty nice since we do like delivery food with our busy schedule and lack of cooking skills.

Step 4: Get Haircut Service
Assist Chat Bot Get Haircut Option Image Picture
We decided to type "9" for "Get haircut". Since it conveniently remembered our zip code enter previously, it returned 3 nearby Great Clips locations nearby Gilbert. If we wanted more results, we can type "N" (for Next) or "L" (for Location) change to a different area/city. Surprisingly, it returned the location that we go to get a haircut.

Step 5: Get a Ride Service
Assist Chat Bot Get Ride Option Image Picture
We decided to type "1" for "Get a ride". We were prompted to enter our street address, and it conveniently allowed us to save a label as "Home" to save for later usage. We do like this featured throughout the chat bot - adds a nice touch of personalization to the service. It returned 3 services, their prices, their estimated trip times, and a URL link to order the service (using Uber, Lyft, etc.).

Step 6: Discover Places Service
HealthTap App Send Your Question Response Image Picture
We decided to type "6" for "Discover places". We are prompted that it will use Foursquare to find the best places to eat, drink, see, or discover (search any place, category, or cusine by typing it in). We typed in "Parks" and was return 3 Top location near our saved zip code and a link to do the following: 1) Request a ride from Lyft, 2) Request a ride from Lyft, 3) Request a ride from Uber, 4) Open in Maps, 5) Add to Contacts, and 6) Copy. If we wanted more results, we can type "N" (for Next) or "L" (for Location) change the area we are searching.

Step 7: Lack of Free Form Text Support
Assist Chat Bot Lack of Free Form Text Support Image Picture
Only thing we thought was lacking in this chat bot was the support of free form, conversational text support. If they added this to the service, it would be perfect.

In conclusion, our experience was really enjoyable and like ability for it to personalize and save our information to be accessible next time without us entering it in (it's almost like it's learning about us as we use it). There were two things that we think would make this chat bot perfect: 1) support more conversational free form text entry and 2) more imagery to make it a bit less dull. This is the type of chat bot service that is needed by us and probably by many others.

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