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Besure Chat Bot Walkthrough Review

Besure Chat Bot Image Picture
April 25, 2016 - Besure Messenger Chat Bot ( is the first few food service chat bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform at launch. Since this is their beta launch, they are only supporting business service (restaurants, cafes, and bar services) locations in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greetings from Besure
Besure Chat Bot Welcome Greeting Image Picture
After typing "Hi", we are greeted by Besure. This is their beta launch and are only supporting business service (restaurants, cafes, and bar services) locations in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

Step 2: Location Support Message
Besure Chat Bot Location Support Image Picture
We typed in "New York City", and we got the message that they are only supporting locations in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

Step 3: Lunch Search Results
Besure Messenger Chat Bot Dinner Result Image Picture
We decided to type in "San Francisco" and was prompted to enter the area in San Francisco to search for. We typed in "Mission" and was promoted to be more specific as in "dinner, lunch, or vegetarian". We typed in "Lunch" and got one result. It would have be nice to get a few more options to select from instead of one; maybe they haven't gotten all the businesses on board yet. Another thing we would of like to see is a URL link to the business so we can find more details (phone number, address, operation hours, etc.). We tried to type "list" to see if it can give more details.

Step 4: List Options
Besure Messure Chat Bot List Option Image Picture
We typed in "List" to see if we can get more details, and we got a message to "ask nicely" to see the restaurant's location, facebook page, instagram, etc. So we typed in "Please show", and the chatbot didn't understand our entry. So we entered "List" so maybe it would understand us this time, however, we got a message back that it didn't understand us. So we really didn't get much about the restaurant and maybe it was just in Beta and not fully functional yet.

Besure Messenger Chatbot Logo Icon Image Picture
In conclusion, our review was inconclusive. We are giving them the benefit of the doubt that it's still in beta and not much helpful for people that don't live in San Francisco or Copenhagen. Maybe not many businesses are on their network so it was not really helpful for those who don't live there. The conversational AI is not really support well and seems to send back a generic message. Maybe once Besure goes out of Beta, then we might be more "sure" on giving a better review.

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