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CNN Chat Bot Walkthrough Review

CNN News Chat Bot Image Picture
April 30, 2016 - CNN Messenger Chat Bot ( is the first few news service chat bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform at launch. It is built on the Outbrain for Chat platform which enables personalized content recommendations, and with the daily digest of top stories along with recommended content based on user's preference and previous interactions, this chat bot delivers great content.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greetings from CNN
CNN Messenger Chat Bot Greeting Instructions Image Picture
This is the initial greeting from CNN chat bot with the brief instructions on how to use it. Along with the instructions, there are 3 command options: 1) "Top stories", 2) "Stories for you", and 3) "Ask CNN".

Step 2: Top Stories
CNN Messenger Chat Bot Top Stories Image Picture
We tapped the "Top stories" button in the menu and got a Call to Action (CTA) scrollable list with the top stories trending currently. Within each story, we had the following options: 1) "Read story", 2) "Get a summary", and 3) "Ask CNN". "Read Story" redirected us to the CNN website to access the full details of the story. "Get a summary" returned a textual message of the summary of the story. "Ask CNN" is a keyword search feature.

Step 3: Story Get Summary
CNN Messenger Chat Bot Top Stories  Get Summary Image Picture
We tapped the "Get a summary" button, and it returned a textual message of the summary along with the following option: 1) "Read this story" (redirects to the CNN website), 2) "Top Stories" (replies with more top stories), and 3) "Stories for you" (returns a list of stories recommended based on our previous interaction behaviors).

Step 4: Stories for You
CNN Messenger Chat Bot Stories for You Image Picture
We tapped the "Stories for you" option, and it leveraged the "Outbrain for Chat" personalization engine to recommend stories based on our previous interests, behaviors, and interactions with the bot. We think that this is the right direction of how chat bots should work - learn our interaction behaviors to curate what we are mostly interested in.

Step 5: Ask CNN Keywords
CNN Messenger Chat Bot Ask CNN Keywords Image Picture
We tapped the "Ask CNN" button, and it prompted for us to enter keywords to find specific stories. We entered "Technology" and got a CTA scrollable list of stories based on our keyword with the same actionable options consistent with their other results.

Step 6: Subscribe / Unsubscribe
CNN Messenger Chat Bot Subscribe / Unsubscribe Image Picture
To subscribe or unsubscribe to the daily notification of stories, we simply just had to type subscribe or unsubscribe.

CNN Messenger Chatbot Logo Icon Image Picture
In conclusion, CNN Chat Bot is really well designed with the partnership with "Outbrain for Chat" personalization AI engine. With the simple and clean navigation of finding the stories, it was really easy for us to use this app without much confusion like other chat bots. The AI personalization component of recommended stories for us is the best part of the app. It learned our behavior to "smartly" curate stories that is of interest to us. The textual summary of the stories right in Messenger gave us a quick read without having to be redirect to any website, but the option is there if we wanted the whole story. This is our go-to news chat bot in the mornings during breakfast and highly recommend it.

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