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EstherBot Chat Bot Walkthrough Review

Etherbot Chat Bot Image Picture
April 26, 2016 - EstherBot Messenger Chat Bot ( is Esther Crawford's resume cleverly converted to a chat bot that is available on the Facebook Messenger Platform at launch. This is a more personal perspective on chat bots since most of them currently are targeted more for businesses and utilities.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greetings from EstherBot
EstherBot Chat Bot Welcome Greeting Image Picture
At the start of the chat bot, we are greeting with simple instructions. We typed "Hello" and got further instructions that the bot will only respond to keywords in the message that are in CAPS.

Step 2: Keyword Entry Instructions
EstherBot Messenger Chat Bot Keywords Instructions Image Picture
We typed in "What else do you do?", and we got the message that it did not understand the message, and it instructed us that it will respond to only keywords in caps.

Step 3: Education Keyword
EstherBot Messenger Chat Bot Education keyword Image Picture
We decided to type in "Education", and we got a message back about her Educational background.

Step 4: Career Keyword
Esther Chat Bot Career Keyword Image Picture
We decided to type in "Career", and we got a message back about her Career background.

Step 5: Photo Keyword
Esther Chat Bot Photo Keyword Image Picture
We decided to type in "Photo", and we got a message back with a URL link to the real Esther Crawford - puts a face behind this chat bot finally.

Step 6: San Francisco Keyword
Esther Chat Bot San Francisco Keyword Image Picture
We decided to type in "San Francisco", and we got a message back about the city she currently lives in and a bit about where she grew up from.

Step 7: Startups Keyword
Esther Chat Bot Startups Keyword Image Picture
We decided to type in "Startups", and we got a message back about her passion in technology (creating and building).

Step 8: Applaud Your Audience
Esther Chat Bot Applaud Image Picture
After a few successful keyword commands, we were pleasantly praised for understanding how to use the chat bot. We in turn applaud you Esther Crawford for making a clever and cute little chat bot.

EstherBot Messenger Chatbot Logo Icon Image Picture
In conclusion, we found that using a chat bot beyond the realms of businesses and utilities was refreshing and ingenious. Esther Crawford demonstrated how, with a little creativity and imagination, we could come up with many use cases for chat bots. Whether chat bots catches on like apps on the mobile platform, this one is a shining example on the possibilities of this new platform. Estherbot, we applaud you for making us smile today with something so clever.

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