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HealthTap App Chat Bot Walkthrough Review

Healthtap App Chat Bot Image Picture
April 22, 2016 - HealthTap App Chat Bot ( is the first health chat bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform. HealthTap allows users to type a question into Messenger and receive free responses from doctors within their network of more than 100,000 doctors taht span 141 specialties. It's like having a doctor on call at any time of the day to answer any health questions.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greetings from HealthTap App
HealthTap App Chat Bot Greeting Image Picture
In the first step, we are greeted and instructed on how to interact with the chatbot along with a privacy statement about how our questions and identity will be kept anonymous, confidential, and will not be shared.

Step 2: Initial Question and Terms & Agreements
Healthtap App Bot Question Terms Agreements Image Picture
When asking a question, users have to enter in a question format with at least three words followed by a question mark (?). Once we asked a proper question and it is the initial question, we are presented with a terms agreement to read and agree to before proceeding.

Step 3: Ask a Health Question
Healthtap App Ask Question Image Picture
We decided to ask the question "What is heart rate?", and we are presented a scrollable list of questions similar to our question by HealthTap network of 10,000 doctors. It was nice that we had the option to select which question to read more about that is similar to ours.

Step 4: See Answers
HealthTap App See Answer Response Image Picture
We tapped "See Answers" and presented another scrollable list of answers to that question. Each answer is presented nicely with a photo and a short description of the answer.

Step 5: See More
HealthTap App See Full Answer Response Image Picture
We tapped "See full answer" to see the detail answer by the doctor. We are presented with an actionable respond message to decide on how to continue on with the conversation.

Step 6: Send Your Question Response
HealthTap App Send Your Question Response Image Picture
We decided to send our initial question to the network of doctors to get a more precise answer to our question. The wait time is normally one day until we get a notification back from the chatbot. This is nice to have another channel to connect offline.

Step 7: Talk to a Doctor Now Response
HealthTap App Talk to a Doctor Now Response Image Picture
When we tapped "Talk to a doctor now", we get a message where we can get advice and treatment from a primary care doctor, anytime.

Step 8: Talk to a Doctor Now Response
HealthTap App Get Help Now Website Response Image Picture
When we tapped "Get help now", we are redirected to the website to access the HealthTap Prime subscription to get advice, prescriptions, reminders, etc.

Step 9: Thanks for the Helpful Answer
HealthTap App Thanks Helpful Response Image Picture
When we tapped "Thanks, helpful!", we got a personalized message from the doctor that provided the answer.

In conclusion, our experience was really enjoyable and like the question and answer flow to narrow our health question to similar asked questions (almost like a FAQ). We loved the bot and the experience overall, but only wish it was a bit easier to back track to previous point in the conversation. HealthTap is free to use but if we wanted more service, there is a subscription / membership through their website.

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