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Operator App Shopping Chat Bot Walkthrough Review

Operator Shopping Chat Bot Image Picture
April 21, 2016 - Operator App Shopping Chat Bot ( is a community of experts that curate products for users and their homes and is the first few commerce bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform. The bot provides recommended products such as "This Week's Picks", "Health & Fitness", "Home Essentials", etc. or users can shop with emojis (which is a cool idea we think).

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greetings from the Operator Community
Operator Shopping Bot Greeting Image Picture
In the first step, we are greeted and welcomed to the Operator community of experts that help us discover the best products for us and our home.

Step 2: Recommendation Curated Items
Operator Shopping Bot Recommendation Curated Items Image Picture
We are presented with a list of curated shopping items. We can either select the scrollable graphic items in the Call to Action (CTA) list or type in an emoji to shop. The emoji option is pretty neat and a different approach to shopping.

Step 3: Curated Items Selection
Operator Shopping Bot Fitness Items Image Picture
We selected "See recommendations" for the Health & Wellness category, and we are presented with shopping items within that category. When we selected "Learn More", we are redirected to the Operator website to see more details on the item, and from there, if we want to buy the item, we can select the "I'll Take It" button to purchase it.

Step 4: Purchase Confirmation
Operator Shopping Bot Buy It Response Image Picture
After selecting the "I'll Take It" button, we are redirected back to Messenger and presented with the confirmation of the item selected. If we select "Continue", it redirects back to the Operator website to enter our shipping and payment details to finish the checkout process. The back and forth of the checkout process between website and messenger was kind of unnecessary. We think it could been a smoother process once we select "Learn More" and redirected to the website, the shopping cart should be all taken care within the website (and maybe the sales conversion would be higher).

Step 5: See More
Operator Shopping Bot See More Image Picture
After a short while, the bot messaged us to see if we wanted to see more options within the category or shop for something else and start over (step 2). It was a nice little assisted prompt.

Step 6: Emoji Shopping Entry
Operator Shopping Bot Emoji Entry Apple Watch Image Picture
We decided to try out the neat emoji text entry method of shopping, and we are really jazzed up with the results. This little cute addition to using emoji even got our kids engaged - thumbs up on the idea! Once the recommended item is display, then the shopping process starts again (step 3).

Step 7: Text Entry
Operator Shopping Bot Text Entry Image Picture
We messaged "Help please" and presented with a generic message to download the app or start the shopping process over again. We wish they integrated ZenDesk to enable live chat through messenger without taking us out of messenger.

In conclusion, our experience was really enjoyable and really like the imagery of the items - the developers took their time to polish the interface well. We wish the check out process was a bit smoother and live chat integration would be great for the users. Beyond that, we would shop using Operator App chat bot purely from the curated recommendation engine and the emoji entry process.

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