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Spring Shopping Commerce Bot Walkthrough Review

Spring Shopping Chat Bot Image Picture
April 20, 2016 - Spring Shopping ( is an automated personal shopper chat bot running on Facebook Messenger platform and is the first few commerce bots available on the Facebook Messenger Platform. The bot will lead users through a series of questions that bring the users to their desired choice of item based on gender, type, and price ranges. From there, user can purchase the item by redirecting from Messenger to Spring's website. It's that simple.

We did a through review of the bot to see how usable it was and what our thoughts on it was. Below is a sample walkthrough of our experience:

Step 1: Greeting / What Gender
Spring Shopping Bot Greeting Image Picture
In the first step, we are greeted with our name and a request for the gender of the items we are shopping for.

Step 2: What Kind of Items
Spring Shopping Bot What Kind of Mens Items Image Picture
We selected "Men's Items", and we are presented with a question on what kind of items we are looking for.

Step 3: What Kind of Clothing
Spring Shopping Bot What Kind of Clothing Image Picture
We selected "Clothing", and the next question is what kind of clothing.

Step 4: What Price Range
Spring Shopping Bot Price Range Selection Image Picture
We selected "Tops", and now we have the choice to pick our price ranges.

Step 5: Which Five Items
Spring Shopping Bot Five Item Selection Image Picture
We selected "Under $75", and we get five items that fall within that price range to select from.

Step 6: Which Five Similar Items
Spring Shopping Bot See More Like This Option Image Picture
We selected "See more like this" to get similar products that qualifies for that price range.

Step 7: Ask a Question
Spring Shopping Bot Ask Question Text Entry Image Picture
We selected "Ask a question", and once we typed a text entry question, the bot relies on ZenDesk to response with our question. Pretty nice integration that puts a bit more personal concierge touch to the experience.

Step 8: Alert Push Notification
Spring Shopping Bot Alert Push Notification Image Picture
Once we have been idle for a period of time, the bot message us to continue shopping or to start over - a friendly reminder that re-engages into shopping.

Spring Shopping Messenger Chatbot Logo Icon Image Picture
In conclusion, our experience was really enjoyable and like the question and answer flow to narrow our search to what we wanted. We loved the bot and the experience overall, but only wish it was a bit easier to back track to previous questions. Beyond that, we would shop using this chat bot. One other thing we would like to see is a daily deal section in there since we love deals!

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